Consultec Inc.

Consultec has 3 unique strengths.

1. Integrated Operation System

By taking an integrated operation system, we could reduce a waste of time and cost for coordination and communication within the firm. Therefore, we are possible to provide quick and cost competitive research solutions.

2. Support for Business Needs and Innovations

Based on our over 30-years of experience, most of our researchers are well-trained and have over 10-years experience. We also adopt new research techniques continuously. We make a point of addressing future needs and requirements of clients.

3. Global Marketing Research

Focusing on Global Marketing Research since founded in 1981, we have been handling International Marketing Research from large global corporations and central government. We support Asia region, as well as China and India, and other countries.

Consultec is a not only marketing research company, but also contribute to expansion of corporations and central government with cutting edge of marketing research. If you have any privacy queries or concerns, Please contact us. We will support and enhance your business.