Consultec Inc.

Consultec is Marketing Research Company. We deal with both domestically and internationally. Our Marketing Research provides reliable assessment of both Quantitative and Qualitative research such as industry analysis and trends, market share determinations and company profiles, depth interviews and focus groups. We also have confident for global marketing research by utilizing our strong network. 

Consumer Research

The market doesn't keep moving in same direction and may seem unpredictable. Keeping up with market trend is important to seize the opportunities. Utilize consumer research and survey is essential for any kinds of business to understand their particular market and the attitude of its consumers.

  • Online Consumer Research
  • Mail and Telephone Survey
  • Group Interview
  • CLT (Central Location Tests) Research
  • Face-to-Face Interview
  • Marketing Intelligence

Global Research

Consultec has in-depth knowledge and global experience of marketing research. We understand our clients’ needs and maximize benefits by increasing corporate value. We provide our own global marketing research structure which will meet clients’ need and requirements. We don’t tie-up with any major research companies. Therefore, we promise our research is reliable and reasonable.

Under manage of Consultec, we entrust local research companies. Depends on the situation, Consultec's researchers visit actual location and manage research.

Consultec's Japanese researchers provide and secure quality of Analyze research.

We select professional research companies from our strict standard of skill, ethic, and regulatory compliance.

Publishing Business

Consultec is also focusing on the publishing business. We believe it is necessary to inform to the world about critical issue such as environmental protection. There are many valuable and useful thought, business, and seminar. It is our duty to let people recognize buried treasure by publishing business.

Thank You for Visiting Our Website. Consultec is a leading marketing research company in Japan. Many fields of industry put reliance on our most reputable and reliable research method.