Consultec Inc.

Our mission is to contribute a safe and wealthy society through marketing research activities. Consultec Inc.


Our mission is to contribute a safe and wealthy society through marketing research activities.

  1. We strongly commit our fundamental of depth of trust relationships with our clients.
  2. We will continue to provide products and services of the highest quality with continuous improvement.
  3. We will provide benefits for society with strong awareness of solving problems.

The name reflects the word “Consulting” and “Technology” which expresses to provide solutions in both perspectives.


Consultec reflects to the words “Consulting” and “Technology”. “Consulting” refers professional advices and support for clients before, during and after a service. “Technology” refers the skills to analyze accurate research, reliable research and new research technology. We discover and solve the problems with both “Consulting” and “Technology” perspectives.

It is the most important for us to keep up communications with clients. We capture the needs and requirement from clients’ view point and deliver what clients would like to hear.

It is possible to retain sustainable growth and tremendous opportunities in any economy situation, if we could utilize high-quality marketing research results. It is important to conduct research for seeking hidden essence not only looking at temporary , but general phenomenon. From our enrich experience, we encounter potential opportunities from marketing research. We support our clients’ businesses to discover opportunities and sustain growth, by utilizing our long experiences and skills.

Making the business in right direction is getting harder due to rapid market globalization. Therefore, the importance of market research increases for business decision makings. Please contact us to find out the way to conduct market research for your needs and how to take your business forward. With our full advantage of experience and the latest technology, we would like to contribute to the success of your business.

Consultec Inc. President Mitsuo Yamaguchi

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Company NameConsultec Inc.
PresidentMitsuo Yamaguchi
FoundedFeb 1981
Paid-in capital15 million yen
Main BusinessesMarketing Research
Data Analyzing
Marketing & Consulting
Office HoursMon- Fri: 9am – 5:30pm
We are closed on Sat, Sun, and National holidays
Fiscal year-endMarch



②Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Tokyo Office

U Bldg.
2-10-2 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0047 Japan
Tel : +81-3-3526-0121
Fax : +81-3-3526-0161

Osaka Office

OMM Bldg.
1-7-31 Otemae,Chuo-ku,
Osaka 540-0008 Japan
Tel : +81-6-4792-2351
Fax : +81-6-4792-2353